Soloist Florimond Lorieux’s Debut in The Nutcracker

Written by Boston Ballet Staff

Boston Ballet Soloist Florimond Lorieux

Photo courtesy of Florimond Lorieux

New Company, New Stage, New Home

We spoke with soloist Florimond Lorieux about joining a new company, his Boston Ballet Nutcracker debut, and what it's like moving from Paris to Boston.

Boston Ballet Soloist Florimond Lorieux and Costume Shop Draper Lisa Dezmelyk

Photo credit: Lillian I

Photo credit: Lauren Pajer

Boston Ballet Soloist Florimond Lorieux and Costume Shop Draper Lisa Dezmelyk

Photo credit: Lillian I

Photo credit: Lauren Pajer

Are you excited about dancing in Mikko Nissinen's The Nutcracker for the first time?
I am very excited about dancing for the first time in Mikko's The Nutcracker. His version is so beautiful. I have already watched it many times on screen to work on it and I must say that this production is amazing. Sets and costumes are gorgeous and you feel all the spirit of Christmas during the whole ballet.

I have already danced The Nutcracker with the Paris Opera Ballet, but I can feel that here in America The Nutcracker is quite a holiday traditional rendez-vous. I can't wait to be a part of it! 

What roles are you learning?
I will dance the Pastorale which is well-known as a French style dance during the divertissement in the second act. I will also perform the Prince/Cavalier, which excites me so much. I start rehearsing the role this week.

What do you want audiences to feel or take away when they come to see you perform?
Many children will come and see The Nutcracker. For most of them it will be the first time they can enjoy the magic of a ballet. For a few of them it might be the beginning of a new passion. And I want to dance for them.

Will your family be joining you from France?
My mum will come, and I am so happy that she can see me on the Boston Opera House stage. I can't wait to help her discover what I already know of the city.

Soloist Florimond Lorieux with Soloist Ji Young Chae and Second Soloist Diana Albrecht

Boston Ballet soloist Ji Young Chae, Soloist Florimond Lorieux, and Second Soloist Diana Albrecht

Photo credit: Lillian I

How do you like Boston so far?
To me, Boston has all the positive aspects of a European and American city. I have felt very good here since the very first day I arrived to audition.

How has it been joining the Boston Ballet?
After spending the last 20 years with the Paris Opera Ballet (school included), joining a new company has been easier than I expected, thanks to the warm welcome of dancers and artistic staff.

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