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Donations help us share the joy of dance with everyone. Read on to learn the stories of two of our youngest donors.

Photo Credit: Ernesto Galan

Photo credit: Igor Burlak Photography

Photo Credit: Ernesto Galan

Photo credit: Igor Burlak Photography

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 is Giving Tuesday. It’s a global day of giving that directs everyone’s focus over to supporting the non-profit organizations that mean the most to them at a really important (and busy) time of year.

As a non-profit, Giving Tuesday means a lot to us here at Boston Ballet and one that we like to celebrate. This year, we thought it would be best celebrated by honoring two of our youngest donors, Siena and Kennedy. Both girls are ballet students at Boston Ballet School and have touched us all with their generosity, thoughtfulness, and selflessness. We wanted to share their stories with the rest of our community, because they’re just too good to keep to ourselves.

Siena's Story 

Every 11 year old loves their birthday. What’s not to love? There’s cake, party outfits, friends, and most importantly: presents. Boston Ballet School student, Siena, was full of excitement for her birthday this year, but wanted something more meaningful than presents, she wanted to make an impact by helping her favorite non-profit organization: Boston Ballet.

For the past two years, Siena has decided to skip the presents, instead asking her friends and family to help her raise money for Boston Ballet. “Giving to Boston Ballet is a very personal thing for me. Dance is a big part of my life and knowing that my gift might help other kids learn dance and experience what I do is so great! I feel like Boston Ballet is part of my family and I will support the ballet forever,” Siena explained. She went on to tell us how good it made her feel knowing her money could do anything from providing free dance classes in Boston Public Schools to supporting theater performances and company dancers.

This year, Siena hand collected her donations. She felt like it was important to explain to her friends why she was dedicating her birthday to Boston Ballet and also tell them what ballet means to her. She loved having these conversations and was able to collect double the amount she raised last year!
Siena’s generosity will go a long way in helping us continue to provide outstanding dance instruction, fund numerous community programs, and delight audiences with unforgettable performances.

Image courtesy of Gensler

Kennedy's Story

Last spring Kennedy and her fellow Boston Ballet School classmates learned about an opportunity to buy a brick that would help pave the entryway to their future ballet studio in Newton. Kennedy and her friends knew this was something they’d love to be a part of. “We felt it would be awesome to come back years later whether we turn out to be professional dancers, actors, doctors etc. to look at the brick and remember how great our time at BBS was and how much BBS helped us to become successful adults,” Kennedy said.

Once class was over, she approached her teacher with an idea to come together with her classmates to collectively buy a brick in honor of the class. After lots of research, math, and approvals, Kennedy got the green light to bring her great idea to her classmates. She and her friends made forms and handouts that they gave to everyone in class, then crossed their fingers and hoped they’d meet their goal.

A few days after passing the flyers around, donations started rolling in. At the end of it all, every single person in Kennedy’s class contributed towards the brick and they were able to reach their goal. When we asked Kennedy to tell us more about why she wanted to contribute to our Newton Studio campaign she said, “BBS is my life, it's helping to shape and mold the young disciplined lady that I am becoming. Each instructor has had a tremendous impact on my growth and ability.”

Contributions, both big and small, helped us meet our goal to build the new Newton Studio and we have amazing people like Kennedy to thank. We’re so proud to have a state of the art studio that allows us to provide comprehensive dance instruction that inspires, challenges, and empowers students like her and her classmates.

Make Your Gift Today 

The spirit of Siena and Kennedy’s donations is exactly what Giving Tuesday is all about and we’re so thankful to have them as valued members of the Boston Ballet community. Join Siena and Kennedy by making a gift to Boston Ballet. Together we can make a difference.

It’s Giving Tuesday

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