Elective Classes

Boston Ballet School offers a variety of optional classes in technique and subjects other than ballet. These elective classes are designed to enrich ballet training and help foster a well-rounded and versatile student.

Electives will not be offered for the 2020/2021 School Year

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Adaptive Dance (Newton & North Shore Studios)
Fully Inclusive Adaptive Dance classes welcome all students ages 8-18 with and without disabilities. Students will make new friends and have fun as they explore creative movement, learn ballet technique, and develop musicality together. Each class includes a lead teacher, teaching assistant, physical therapist and live musical accompaniment. Learn More

Elective class options vary by level/season. Class availability options and registration links are available at the bottom of the page. You must be enrolled in the corresponding Classical Ballet Program class to register for an elective.
Modern (Boston, Newton & North Shore Studios)
This class focuses on developing the connection between technique and artistry, drawing from traditional modern dance forms. Expanding beyond the physical discipline, students will grow through the exploration of movement, space, musicality, and creativity. Modern dance builds on the strength and coordination developed in classical ballet training, and provides the students an opportunity to make connections from one style of dance to another.
Stretch & Strengthen (North Shore Studio)
A class that focuses on stretching and strengthening exercises that are specifically geared to support the development of our Intermediate and Advanced level students. Students learn about properly warming up before class, and crucial exercises to improve both strength and flexibility with a focus on the student’s core, turn-out, legs, feet, and upper body strength for port de bras.

Elementary Levels
Modern (Boston, Newton, North Shore)

Intermediate/Flex Levels
Modern (Intermediate 1-2, Boston, Newton, North Shore) 

Stretch & Strengthen (North Shore)

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