Dress Code

Boston Ballet School's Children's Program 

Boston Ballet School students adhere to a specific dress code, which is available to purchase at local retailers. So Danca, Bodywrappers, and Motionwear are the school’s official slippers, tights and leotards (respectively).

All students are expected to maintain a neat appearance. Long hair must be worn in a bun and short hair must be pulled back off the face. For student safety, only simple stud earrings are permissible. Leg warmers or other warm-up gear are not permitted in class.

All Girls
  • Tank Leotard - Motionwear, colors vary by level, please see below.
  • White Ankle Socks - Students may wear any plain, thin, white socks from their wardrobe. Tights are not worn at this level.
  • Ballet Slipper Recommendation – So Danca full sole, leather slipper, Style SD-69, Pink 40
All Boys
  • White Short - Sleeved Leotard - Motionwear Style #2104
  • Black Bike Short - Motionwear Style #7110
  • White Ankle Socks - Student may wear any plain, thin, white socks
  • Ballet Slipper Recommendation- So Danca full sole leather slipper in white, Style SD-70

Hand in Hand 1

All Students: comfortable clothing that is easy to move in 

Hand in Hand 1 (optional), Hand in Hand 2, Creative Dance 1 & 2

Girls Tank Leotard - Motionwear Style #2120, Pink, #509

Pre-Ballet 1 & 2

Girls Tank Leotard - Motionwear Style #2120, White #505


Girls Tank Leotard - Motionwear Style #2120, Turquoise #538


We celebrate diversity while fostering a team spirit.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director