Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the most frequently referenced information by Boston Ballet School families below. Should you have any questions regarding the information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 617.456.6333 or email

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Getting to the Studio


We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class to give you ample time to prepare. All students are strongly encouraged to use the bathroom and wash their hands prior to class. Parents should drop off and pick up their child directly outside the classroom. All studio locations have waiting areas. We kindly ask that all students be picked up immediately following the end of class.

Checking In

Students are required to check in at the front desk upon arrival before every class. By checking in, students and guardians are attesting that their children have no symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been exposed to anyone who has had COVID-19 in the past fourteen days. The symptoms of COVID-19 are listed below:

If your child or any member of your household has a fever or any other symptoms of COVID-19, BBS requires that you keep them at home and don’t come to the studio. We think that the most socially responsible thing to do is to require all guardians and children take their temperature at home before they even arrive on-site to prevent necessary exposure and maximize safety.


While the Newton Studio has an adjacent parking lot, parking in Boston’s South End can be quite challenging. There is no parking lot at Boston Ballet School on Clarendon Street, and there are no reserved parking spots on the street for pick-ups and drop-offs. As a courtesy to our neighbors, it is asked that families do not double park on Clarendon Street in front of the Boston Studio. 

To help assist you, here are some suggestions for parking in the area:
-Visitor Parking on local streets – please check the signs carefully.
-Atelier 505 Parking Garage:  Located under the Calderwood Pavilion. Entrance on Warren Avenue, at the rear of the facility. 

Carpool directories will be located at the front desk in each studio. Please ask an Administrator if you are interested in utilizing it.

Public Transportation Options
The Boston Studio is MBTA accessible from the Back Bay station on the Orange Line (about a 5 minute walk), the Copley station on the Green Line (about a 10 minute walk), and the 43, 10, and 9 bus lines.

The Newton Studio is MBTA accessible from either the Newton Highlands or Eliot stations on the D branch of the Green Line. It is about a 17 minute walk to the Newton Studio from Newton Highlands via Centre and Needham Streets, or about a 14 minute walk from Eliot via Margaret Road and Eliot Street.


In-Studio and Virtual Classes
Our faculty have been teaching virtually since March 2020 and can support all students, regardless of whether or not they are joining us in the studio. Students can expect a high level of personal feedback in both settings. Tuition is the same for in-studio and virtual learning. The decision to participate in the program virtually or in-studio is based solely on your comfort level and students who register virtually should expect the same quality of classes and instruction as those attending in-studio. 

Switching Classes
Please email to request any class switch.
• For class switches from one in-studio learning section to another, or from virtual learning to in-studio learning, BBS will be facilitating switches on a monthly basis.
• For class switches from in-studio learning to virtual learning, you may do so immediately. We understand that comfort levels with possible COVID-19 exposure may change throughout the school year.

Providing Your Child’s Medical Information
All registered students will be receiving an encrypted email from our HIPAA complaint medical system. Families must upload all required medical information via the online system. Hard copies and emailed version of forms will not be accepted. We ask that all registered students complete the medical form process, with proper certification of immunization attached, prior the start of the program. If we do not receive updated medical records from each student prior, students will be asked to participate virtually, until completed and received. BBS is required to have on file a physician’s, nurse practitioner’s, or physician’s assistant’s certification that your child has been successfully immunized in accordance with the current Department of Public Health’s recommended schedules.

Waiting List
If a section you’re interested in is full, you may request to be placed on the waiting list for that class.  If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted. If you enroll in another section, the waiting list option will not be available to you. Students are not permitted to be on the waitlist for a class while actively enrolled in another section.

Should you decide to leave the school, please contact the Office of Administration at 617.456.6333 or email us at as soon as possible. Notifying your child’s instructor is not considered a formal notification of withdrawal. Once we hear from you and are able to notify your child’s teacher of their interest in withdrawing, we will send you an email with a link to our Formal Withdrawal Survey, which must be completed in order to process an account adjustment and complete the withdrawal process. There is a $100.00 early withdrawal fee applied to any student withdrawing for a non-medical reason from the Classical Ballet Program after August 15, 2021.

Daily Programming

Student Expectations
With the goal of creating a safe, welcoming, and positive experience for all students, Boston Ballet School holds students, families, faculty, and staff to a high standard of personal decorum and expects individuals, at all times, to demonstrate respect for others, the facilities, and to promote an environment which is safe, positive, and welcoming of diversity. We welcome students of all ethnicities, gender expressions, and identities.

Get To Know Your Studio
We communicate important school information and updates to our parents primarily via email – so please make sure we have your email address. This will enable you to receive communications such as BBS Connections, the school’s newsletter, as well as weekly bulletins every Sunday with important updates about each BBS program. Boston Ballet School’s website is updated frequently and is a great resource for parents. 

Studio Administrators are at the front desk of each location when classes are running. Should you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to a Studio Administrator and they will be happy to assist. You may also feel free to contact us at 617.456.6333 or 

Reporting Absences and Making up a Class
We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent students from attending class. In these instances, we kindly ask that the student’s absence be reported so that the faculty and administration may accurately track attendance. To report an absence, please email with the student’s name, class level, studio they attend, and the date of and reason for the absence.

In order for your child’s absence to be eligible for a make-up class, it must be reported to BBS via email or to an Administrator in person. While absences may occur for any number of reasons, we are only able to offer make-up classes for absences that have been reported to an Administrator. If your child is injured and will miss a prolonged series of classes, we ask that you provide us with an applicable doctor’s note. Please note that tuition will not be adjusted for those weeks missed unless the student withdraws. We also offer makeups if a student is performing in a company production, such as The Nutcracker.

Observing Your Child’s Progress
Weekly classes are not able to be observed. Instead, a series of Observation Weeks are scheduled throughout the year where family and friends are invited into the classroom to observe our students’ progress. We believe the presence of “an audience” or multiple adults creates a distraction and takes attention away from the teacher’s instruction.  Please reference your School Year Calendar for dates.

Locker Rooms
In order to prevent lingering and overcrowding at the studios, we ask that all students come in their dress code, with their hair done ready for class, upon arrival. More information regarding locker room usage for the 21-22 school year will be available later in the summer. Female, male, and gender neutral restrooms are available at both the Boston and Newton Studios. 

School Closing Hotline
Closings due to inclement weather or other emergencies are listed both on our Class Cancellation Hotline as well as our website, To access the Hotline, please call 617.456.6311 for the most up-to-date information.

COVID-19 Health & Safety

In-Studio Safety
Boston Ballet School has developed an expansive Risk Reduction Strategy in accordance with CDC and Massachusetts guidelines and requirements.  Those requirements include social distancing of three feet, frequent handwashing, reduced class capacities, and frequent disinfecting. Boston Ballet has also invested in Sterile-Aire Light systems to the rooftop air handlers. Additionally, Boston Ballet has engaged an Air Balancing service to ensure the optimum amount of fresh air is being introduced to the environment. We require everyone entering the building to self-screen at home prior to arriving, and all parents and students are required to sign in attesting that their students are not currently exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 for the past 14 days.

Participation includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19, which is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. Boston Ballet has put in place enhanced safety and sanitation protocols (outlined in the BBS COVID-19 Safety Guidelines) to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, but participation in BB Programming could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Children, parents, faculty, and staff are all required to wear masks while in the studio, regardless of vaccination status. Vaccinated staff may be mask-less while in their offices alone only. As masks become less effective once students begin sweating, we recommend bringing multiple masks per day so they can be switched out when needed, including a dry one to go home at the end of the program. Families must have a plan for routine cleaning of masks, and clearly distinguish which side of the covering should be worn facing outwards so they are worn properly each day. BBS will provide assistance to families who need help acquiring masks. BBS will also provide a document with safe practices while wearing masks to all enrolled students ahead of the program start.

All BBS staff, faculty and musicians are required to be vaccinated by the start of the school year. Boston Ballet School is requesting vaccination information from students as we think more information about vaccination status allows us to make more informed decisions regarding students testing positive or coming in contact with a positive case and allow us to better plan for future events and decision as we move towards all groups being eligible for vaccination.

Students Exhibiting Symptoms
If a child exhibits severe symptoms, emergency services will be called immediately. Severe symptoms include: extreme difficulty breathing (i.e. not being able to speak without gasping for air), bluish lips or face, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, severe persistent dizziness or lightheadedness, new confusion or inability to rouse someone, or new seizure or seizures that won’t stop.  If a student or staff member demonstrates symptoms when on site, they will be moved to an isolated area of the building and the student’s guardian will be notified for immediate pickup.  The student’s primary care physician should be contacted for further instruction. The student’s class will shift to virtual training until further notice.

Students or Staff Testing Positive for COVID-19
If a student or faculty member tests positive for COVID-19, BBS will initiate contact tracing to determine the exposure level at the studio. Students/levels impacted will be asked to transition to virtual learning and contact their child’s primary care physician for advise on testing for COVID-19. If the test is positive, all students in the program will be notified about the positive case while keeping the identity of the individual confidential. The person who tested positive can only return once the following criteria are met:
(1)    Improvement in respiratory symptoms; AND
(2)    It has been 72 hours since a fever resolved without the use of medication; AND one of the following:
(3)    2 consecutive negative tests collected >24 hours apart; OR 10 days have passed since symptoms first occurred (or since the person tested positive, if he/she remains asymptomatic the entire time).

Possible COVID-19 Exposure
If your child or a member of your household has been in contact with a confirmed case, or your child or a member of your household tested positive to COVID-19, but doesn’t show symptoms, that person and any household members must stay home and inform BBS administration. Guardians should contact their child’s primary care physician to obtain testing recommendations and a doctor’s note of result. The student’s first date back onsite will be determined by vaccination status, present symptoms, and a doctor’s recommendation.

Special Benefits of Being Part of BBS

Attending Boston Ballet Performances
As a member of Boston Ballet School, the official school of Boston Ballet, students receive discounts to select company performances. Please contact the Box Office at 617.695.6955 for the most up-to-date student subscriptions and other special offers.

Participating in Company Productions
Only students that have enrolled in the Classical Ballet and Boston Ballet School's Professional Division at Walnut Hill (ages 8 and up) are eligible to audition for Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker. More information about The Nutcracker will be available closer to the 2021 holiday season.

We celebrate diversity while fostering a team spirit.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director