Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Questions

How much does SDP cost?

  • SDP-Newton Tuition: $2,995; Housing: $2,800 (5 weeks, classes Mon-Fri)
  • SDP-Boston Tuition: $2,995; Housing: $2,800 (5 weeks, classes Mon-Fri)

What is the difference between SDP-Boston and SDP-Newton?
As Boston Ballet School’s Summer Dance Program continues to expand, we are ecstatic to be able to offer a growing number of high-level students five weeks of intense and rigorous training at two world-class facilities. We are also extremely pleased that it gives us a chance to better cater to the varying needs of our students at this phase of their dance careers.

Because both programs have similar core curricula, the primary differences between our SDP Newton and SDP Boston programs stems from the faculty members that are assigned to each program. Just like students are assessed and placed based on careful consideration of their individual needs, faculty members are assigned in such a way that positions students to get the most out of their program. For example, students at our Newton program will explore Improvisation and Choreography. Students in our Boston program will work with faculty who specialize in Forsythe technique.

At both programs, students will be taught by members of our year-round Boston Ballet School faculty as well as various guest teachers. These guest teachers will include company dancers from Boston Ballet, representatives of prestigious conservatory-style dance institutions, and others.

Do I have to live in the residence hall?
Our residential program is strongly recommended to ensure students have a fully immersed summer experience but students may choose to commute from home or find alternate housing on their own. Being a residential student provides you with many additional benefits including:
- Transportation to and from studio
- Meals provided
- 24/7 access to support staff
- Participation in evening activities and events throughout the week
- Built in support network of like-minded students

Is there scholarships and financial aid available?
A limited number of scholarships are available and  awarded on a case-by-case basis to students at the time of audition. A limited amount of financial aid is also available. More information is available by email
What is the Dress Code?
solid color leotards, pink tights, pink technique slippers, pointe shoes (only if student is on pointe; we suggest1-2 pairs), black character shoes, black character skirt (just below the knee, typically 21-24" long)
Men: White short-sleeve leotard or t-shirt, black tights, white ankle socks, white ballet technique slippers, black character or jazz shoes

What is the daily schedule like at SDP?
A typical day includes 4-6 hours of dance classes, with supplemental lectures and activities. 

Are there different levels within the program? How and when does level placement happen?
All level placements are determined from a placement class that occurs on the first day of each program. No students are placed in any level prior to placement day.
SDP-Boston has 5 levels for women, with two classes per level, and 2 levels for men.
SDP-Newton has 4 levels for women, with two classes per level, and 1 level for men.

Can I request to room with a specific person?
Prior to arrival at SDP, all residential students fill out a Residential Information Form indicating living habits and preferences. Students may request a roommate on this form, but requests are not guaranteed. Our residential life staff pair students based on age, gender, and mutual roommate requests. Supplemental documents, including Residential Information Form, will be sent to families in early April.

How do residential students commute between the residence halls and the Boston Ballet studios?
SDP-Newton students are bussed between Lasell College and the Newton studios each day.
SDP-Boston students take Boston’s subway (the “T”) and walk a short distance through Boston’s historic South End to the downtown studio. SDP-Boston residential students are provided with a prepaid "T" pass, required to travel in pairs, and are escorted by the Residential Staff at the beginning of the program to assist with the route. This "T" pass is included in the residential fees.

Can my child be considered for Boston Ballet School’s year round program after attending SDP?
During the second week of SDP, Boston Ballet School holds an open audition for our year round Pre-Professional Program for students participating in SDP-Boston. SDP-Newton students are considered for the Pre-Professional Program through recommendation from the SDP Newton Faculty. 

We celebrate diversity while fostering a team spirit.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director