Video Auditions

We are no longer accepting video submissions for this year’s program.

Boston Ballet School strongly encourages all students to audition during one of our live audition classes held via Zoom. However, if circumstances prevent someone from participating in a live audition, we do accept pre-recorded videos. For those who send in a video audition, the registration fee is $55.


To audition in Summer Dance Program, students must be between the ages of 12* and 18** years old when the program begins on Sunday, June 27. While 11-year-olds may submit a pre-recorded video audition, they may only do so if they will be 12 years old by the time the program begins. 

All women must have at least one year of pointe experience in order to audition.

*Students from outside the US and Canada must be at least 14 years old when the program begins in order to participate in the in-person option.

**We are unable to provide housing to students who turn 19 years old during the program. Students that this applies to are still eligible to audition, but they will need to arrange for their own housing and transportation to/from classes in order to participate in the in-person option.

Video Requirements
  • Videos should not exceed 15 minutes in length.

  • No video files will be accepted. All videos must be shared in the form of a link to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc. Please make sure that the link is public before sending it in.

  • All videos must have been filmed on or after October 1, 2020.

  • After registering for your video audition and paying the $55 fee, you will receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email will contain a link to an additional survey that is required of all auditioning students. This survey is where students will submit the link to their videos. Additionally, this survey is where students will be asked to provide more details surrounding their dance training. If you do not receive a confirmation email or cannot find the link to this survey, please email

The videotape for an individual or class should include the following:

  • complete barre (one side only)

  • center floor work

  • adagio

  • pirouette combination

  • petit allegro

  • grand allegro

  • Pointe work

  • echappe

  • releve in arabesque

  • pirouettes en pointe

  • diagonal turning combination

Women should wear a black leotard as well as tights in the color which is closest to their natural skin tone or the color in which they feel most comfortable. If a student must wear a lighter leotard color in order to be seen most clearly in their individual location, this is acceptable. In addition, women will need both technique and pointe shoes.

Men should wear black tights and a white t-shirt, but may wear lighter/darker clothing as needed in order to be seen as clearly as possible in their individual locations.


When will my child be notified of the audition result? 
Audition results will be released on a rolling basis beginning January 15, 2021. After this point, please allow for up to two weeks to hear back. Any student who does not hear back within two weeks of submitting their video should email

If my child isn’t accepted to the program, may I audition again?
No. Students are not eligible to audition more than once per year. Furthermore, students may only audition in one manner: via live Zoom class or via a pre-recorded video submission. Students are, however, welcome and encouraged to audition for SDP in successive years.

May I request and receive feedback from my child’s audition? 
Due to the number of students who audition each year, we are unable to provide individual feedback.

We celebrate diversity while fostering a team spirit.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director