Housing, academics, career preparation, and health and wellness resources for Boston Ballet School Students.


Student Support

Housing, academics, career preparation, and health and wellness resources for Boston Ballet School Students.


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Graduating students receive mentoring in their final year at BBS with college applications and references, resume preparation, audition photos, and audition videos.



Boston Ballet School is committed to nurturing the whole student. Faculty and staff partner with parents and health care providers to educate and develop healthy habits in students. We offer resources to parents and students to assist in their progression. Our wellness consultants have been carefully chosen because of their specialized skills in working with young developing dance students. They collaborate closely with faculty and staff, and are also available for private consultations with our BBS families. Visit our HEALTH & WELLNESS RESOURCES page to learn more.



Students who are deemed at risk of injury to themselves or others for any reason may be required to receive a medical clearance and/or subsequent follow ups in order to continue participating in classes, rehearsals, or performances. This decision will be solely at the discretion of Boston Ballet School Principals with the input of Boston Ballet School’s Director and Administrative Director. Concerns regarding risks of injury may result from any number of reasons including a student who demonstrates erratic behavior, sudden weight loss or weight gain, or visible physical limitations to class participation.

A student’s parent or guardian will be immediately notified and offered guidance and support in setting up required appointment(s) with one of Boston Ballet School’s wellness experts. The confidentiality of students and families is always carefully guarded. All student health concerns are approached with care and are discussed in a private conference with a parent or guardian present. Students/ parents are responsible for paying for any mandatory clearances and follow ups, though most evaluations are covered by major insurance providers.