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2022–2023 Season

Return to the human experience of dance with performances that ask us to dream bigger, dig deeper, and connect more intimately with the art on stage. Explore the new season and subscribe to save your seats. 
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2022-2023 Season

October 6–16, 2022

My Obsession

Dance with devotion

2022-2023 Season
Witness four ballets that explore our obsessions, devotions, and idols. 

Nov 3–13, 2022

As Anticipated

See what the buzz is about

2022-2023 Season 
Revel in high-voltage choreography from William Forsythe. 

Nov 25–Dec 31, 2022

The Nutcracker

Believe in the impossible

2022-2023 Season
Dare to dream with this holiday favorite. 

March 16–26, 2023

Don Quixote

Find your courage

2022-2023 Season
Embark on a quest for true love. 

April 6–16, 2023

Our Journey

Explore the unknown

2022-2023 Season
Get lost in two contemporary ballets that reflect our shared humanity. 

May 25–June 4, 2023

The Sleeping Beauty

Awaken to adventure

2022-2023 Season
Escape to a fairytale world full of magic and romance. 

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Ballet has the power to express our humanity in all of its unpredictable beauty.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director