Holiday Traditions with The Nutcracker

Photo credit: Sabi Varga

Audience members share how they celebrate the holiday season with The Nutcracker.

Photo courtesy of Kim N.

Photo credit: Sabi Varga

As one of New England’s most beloved holiday traditions, THE NUTCRACKER is all about celebration, community, and cherished memories. For many people, it’s not just a ballet; it’s a hallmark of joy and cheer among friends and families every holiday season.

Hear from our audiences on how they take time for joy, then get your tickets to create your own lasting memories.


“As a kid, my mom and I would attend The Nutcracker every year. It was such a dream. I’ve been attending since I was about 8. I’m now 40.” –Steph I.

“It’s been a tradition for four years now to go with my daughter and mom. My daughter is a ballerina and always imagines that, one day, she will be as graceful and talented as all the dancers in the show. She is 14 now. We love The Nutcracker because we get to dress up and eat out on the town. We love how each year the show changes slightly. Can’t wait to see it in just a couple of weeks.” –Bhc M.

“My granddaughter and I go every year, always the matinee and Café Nero first! She is also a dancer. I love to watch her watch the show. She is mesmerized every year!” –Cory T.

“I’ve been attending The Nutcracker for five years. I always see it with my sister, and we get crowns, even though we’re both in our 20s.” –Sabrina D.

“Attending for five years [with] my past college friends! The Nutcracker is now our yearly college reunion. Before the show, we go to the Frog Pond for skating, Faneuil Hall to see the lights and the tree, and cannolis in the North End after.” –Margot M.

Photo credit: Sabi Varga


“I am a former 15-year student who performed in The Nutcracker for several years. My earliest theater memory is going to Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker at the age of 5. I have been going for 30 years. My husband and I started going the first year we dated. We always got black-tie ready for it. Now, I get to take my little girls, who are current Boston Ballet School students! The Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without it!” –Kristen D.

“My BFF, my daughter and I have been going together since she was born, and she is now 7. We always take a photo together in front of the stage!” –Kim N.

“My husband and I went together every year starting when we were sophomores in college, up until he handed over his ticket to our daughter when she was 3. She’s accompanied me every year since, and she’s 9 now. She loves getting dressed up and going to dinner and getting hot chocolate, and then going to look at all the windows at Downtown Crossing (and we have now added a shopping stop at Primark to our list) before we go over to see the show. It’s one of our favorite traditions! And while we do all of this, my husband and our son go skating at Frog Pond and have their own fun!” –Kelly A.


“I’ve been several times now to watch many of my students in various roles. It’s rather emotional to be seated in the audience remembering them first learning how to plié to watching them dance the role of Clara for three years in a row on the Opera House stage. Something I’ll remember forever.” –Brandi R.

“With my family, 19 years and counting. It’s a tradition I won’t let end! We usually go to Legal Crossing pre-show and take photos on the Common post-show. I always get Junior Mints before the show!” –Katerina K.

“27 years! Every year with my mom since I was 4. I always have afternoon tea with my mom after the performance.” –Anna R.

“I’ve been attending since 2003. My partner and I always get crowns! We’re 34. Never too old for a crown! We usually go to Sip afterwards. Sometimes there are dancers there.” –Rikki T.

“I love getting there early and seeing all the kids in their holiday best! I’ve been attending since I was a mouse in ’99.” –Bronwyn