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Intro to Ballet 

Beginner Ballet | Boston and Newton Studios

Boston Ballet School offers four registered workshops for absolute beginners ages 18 and up. Designed for absolute beginners, Intro to Ballet 1 is the first workshop in a series of progressive study. Students who complete Intro to Ballet 1 will have the opportunity to continue developing their knowledge in the Intro to Ballet 2 course. The progressive curriculum allows students to learn the basics of ballet in a friendly and supportive environment with beautiful, live piano accompaniment. 

Intro to Ballet 1 – 5 Week Course

Students who complete Intro to Ballet 1 will have the opportunity to continue developing their knowledge in the Intro to Ballet 2 course. 

Week 1
Establish the basics, including good posture, correct placement, turnout and how to stretch. Learn the first two positions of the feet and how to walk with elegance and poise. Develop your understanding of ballet history and the music that inspires us all to dance. 

Week 2
Discover the ballet barre, the foundation of every ballet class. Learn the third position of the feet and the flowing movements of the arms, called port de bras. 

Week 3
Take the first steps in the middle of the studio, known as centre work. 

Week 4
Discover how to jump with grace and learn the secrets of ballet turning. Fourth position of the feet is also added.

Week 5
Review everything learned over the 5 weeks and get a taste of the next workshop, Intro to Ballet 2.

Intro to Ballet 2 – 5 Week Course 

This course is designed for students who have completed Intro to Ballet 1, or have had some previous experience in ballet and want a refresher. Students continue to build their vocabulary and knowledge of ballet. 

Week 1
Review everything learned in Intro to Ballet 1. Discover the structure of Boston Ballet and its official school, and be inspired to attend the Company performances coming up this season. 

Week 2
Create beautiful positions at the barre by adding port de bras to the steps. Complete the set of ballet positions with the addition of 5th. 

Week 3
Learn how to stand on one leg as we introduce the elegant “family” of arabesques. Develop coordination through more challenging combinations in the centre. 

Week 4
Turning, turning, turning. Discover the many forms of pirouette along with the dance forms of Polonaise and Valse. Enjoy the feeling of leaping across the floor. 

Week 5
Put it all together in a complete ballet class. This is also the beginning of the next chapter - continue your newfound love of ballet and join our 10-week Into to Ballet 3. 

Intro to  Ballet 3 – 10 Week Course 

Students who have completed Intro to Ballet 1 and 2, or have had some previous experience and want a refresher, can build their vocabulary and knowledge, as they prepare for the final level of Introduction Workshops, Intro to Ballet 4. 

Intro to Ballet 4 – 10 Week Course 

As an extension of Intro to Ballet 3, students continue developing the basics of ballet while enjoying the wonderful feeling of moving through space. 

After completing this course, students are prepared to join our Open Adult Classes

Other Workshops

Character | Newton Studio

Character dance is drawn from the folk and cultural traditions of different European countries. Taught by master teacher, Alla Nikitina, this 10-week workshop introduces students with dance experience to this joyful and rousing dance form which can be found in many classical ballets.

Low Impact Ballet | Newton Studio 

For those seeking a ballet class that is gentler on the body, Low Impact Ballet offers ballet and conditioning exercises that are adapted to accommodate the needs and abilities of each student. Designed by School faculty and a consulting Physical Therapist, this 10-week workshop is particularly suited for adults with limited range of motion, those recovering from injury, or seniors.


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