Classical Ballet Program



Elementary Students learn the structure of a traditional ballet class format in our three Elementary levels. The foundation of classical ballet technique is delivered in a formal classroom environment and students are offered elective classes to enhance their ballet training.


Students at the Intermediate levels develop their ballet technique by meeting four to five times per week. Students complete the Intermediate levels with knowledge of the full ballet vocabulary.


Students who to commit to an Advanced level of extracurricular dance training take classes focused on strength, speed, a more complex combination of steps, and artistic development.

Flex Class

Upon completion of Intermediate 1, students may opt to participate in two technique classes per week, allowing them to pursue outside interests and opportunities in addition to their BBS training.

Elective Classes

Boston Ballet School offers a variety of optional classes in technique and subjects other than ballet. These elective classes are designed to enrich ballet training and help foster a well-rounded and versatile student.

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