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Vision and Values


The heart of Boston Ballet is the human experience. Through our living and breathing art, we forge human connections—between artist and attendee, teacher and trainee, friend and newcomer, one’s outer and inner self.

Dance history is human history, full of innate beauty, generational memory, and contradictions. We share many characteristics that define our city, as global leaders of innovation with a rich heritage and diverse culture. But Boston’s history is not perfect—and neither is the history of ballet. In order to heal as a community, we must unite against inequality, inequity, and exclusivity.

We are Boston’s Ballet. We believe in the transformative power of dance to inspire positive change in our community and beyond. We step toward the future, where our art breaks down barriers, opens minds, strengthens our connections to each other, and is shared more widely with all. Because the future of dance is the future of humanity.

Together, we move—forward and farther—as Boston’s Ballet.



Always in Motion

We are ever-evolving and innovating to stay relevant and ahead of the curve—in our business model, our repertoire, our education, and our engagement with our community.

We boldly step toward the future—by partnering in ways that create leverage, commissioning bold new art, engaging underrepresented artists, empowering the next generation of artists, and meeting future audiences where they are.

We are committed to diversifying our employees, artists, musicians, boards, volunteers, student population, and audience in order to better reflect and serve our dynamic community.

We learn from the heroes of our past while fueling the pioneers of our future. Learn more about our ONGOING INITIATIVES.


Embracing Excellence

We never settle for status quo. In all that we do, we strive for the highest standards possible without ever compromising our integrity.

We share an athlete’s growth mindset: constantly breaking our own personal records and always innovating to move our art form forward.

We are creative with the resources at our disposal, challenging ourselves and others to always find better ways.

We are not afraid of failure. Instead, we embrace opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow from our mistakes and engage in feedback from others.

The art that we make is defined by a tremendous amount of hard work from a wide variety of people. We recognize that every step in the value chain is critical and everyone is valued.


Elevated Through Art

Art is capable of impacting a culture, a community, and each of its citizens. We promise to use this power for good and take a stand with our art.

We embrace our role as a leader in the arts to impact positive change toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society both in Boston and on the global stage.

We are dedicated to presenting diverse repertoire and curriculum that is not only relevant to and reflective of our community, but that also inspires introspection, sparks critical conversations, and opens minds.

No matter how we connect with each other, we hope that everyone will be left better in some way—through growth as an artist, collaboration between coworkers, the discipline of a dance education, discourse on thought-provoking art, and engagement with our community.

Better Together

We are committed to acting together while valuing and respecting one another’s individuality.

We create welcoming and inclusive experiences that connect, inspire, and enrich our diverse community.

By engaging all of our audience members (current and future), students, families, volunteers, employees, dancers, musicians, and partners, the fabric of our company and community will be stronger and more vibrant.

We communicate with honesty, clarity and transparency, and listen carefully to one another in order to benefit from our diverse perspectives.

We will support every member of Boston’s Ballet with care and empathy. They will be empowered to stop social injustices in the moment and prevent them from occurring again.

We will celebrate loudly one another’s successes and be educated by our mistakes.