Fall Experience


Jeffrey Cirio by Erin Baiano

A dance experience that will awaken
your senses and touch your soul.

October 5-15, 2023
Explore the four ballets that are part of Boston Ballet’s Fall Experience program.

Akram Khan Vertical Road, Hans van Manen Trois Gnossiennes
Jorma Elo Bach Cello Suites and My’Kal Stromile World Premiere

Jeffrey Cirio by Erin Baiano

Vertical Road

Inspired by the Persian poet Sufi, Akram Khan’s Vertical Road is a deep exploration of all that makes humans earthly and divine. Set to a pulsing score by Nitin Sawhney with billowing costumes by Kimie Nakano this mesmerizing piece is a must see for Boston audiences.

Anna Ol and Jozef Varga in Hans van Manen’s Trois Gnossiennes by Sasha Gouliaev courtesy of Nationale Opera & Ballet

Trois Gnossiennes

In Van Manen’s stunning pas de deux, the audience is invited to explore the relationship between music and dance. Performing Erik Satie’s masterful work for the piano, the pianist is center stage with a pair of dancers as the trio reveals the harmony and tension that manifests in physical movement and musical texture.

Addie Tapp and Lasha Khozashvili by Erin Baiano

Bach Cello Suites

Bach Cello Suites is built on a classical foundation but filled with beautiful nuance and eccentricities. Accompanied by a solo cellist onstage, ten dancers move in and out of expected and unexpected, often disrupted formations. Elo’s work is a breathtaking example of the juxtaposition of contemporary and classical dance and has earned its place as an audience favorite worldwide.

My’Kal Stromile by Liza Voll

World Premiere by
My'Kal Stromile

Boston Ballet Artist My’Kal Stromile will create his first mainstage piece for Boston Ballet. In addition to his dancing accomplishments, he has received The Juilliard School’s Choreographic Honors three years in a row and was awarded the school’s Hector Zaraspe Prize in Choreography in 2018. His new work will take classical ballet movement and push it forward in unexpected ways to represent the artform of today. This ballet is sure to be a tour de force for the company and a true reflection of My’Kal’s incredible talent.


Thursday, Oct 5 at 7:30 pm
Friday, Oct 6 at 7:30 pm
Saturday, Oct 7 at 7:30 pm
Sunday, Oct 8 at 1:30 pm
Thursday, Oct 12 at 7:30 pm
Friday, Oct 13 at 7:30 pm
Saturday, Oct 14 at 1:30 and 7:30 pm
Sunday, Oct 15 at 1:30 pm

With Appreciation

The Company gratefully acknowledges Barbara and Amos Hostetter for their outstanding support of our commitment to amplifying diverse artistic voices.
Boston Ballet’s production of Akram Khan’s Vertical Road has been made possible by generous gifts from a Sponsorship Circle, including Lisa and Tom Blumenthal.
This production of Hans van Manen’s Trois Gnossiennes is supported by two anonymous donors in appreciation for this delightful ballet. 

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Please Note: There may be moments of loud music and flashing light that could be challenging for people with sound and light sensitivities.


Vertical Road


Akram Khan


Nitin Sawhney

Lighting Design

Jesper Kongshaug


Kimie Nakano

Set Conceived By

Akram Khan, Kimie Nakano, Jesper Kongshaug

Trois Gnossiennes


Erik Satie


Hans van Manen

Bach Cello Suites 


Johann Sebastian Bach


Jorma Elo

Costume Design

Charles Heightchew

Lighting Design

John Cuff, adapted by Brandon Stirling Baker

World Premiere


My’Kal Stromile

Fall Experience October 5-15, 2023