Music on Film

During this digital season, the music continues offstage with a series of fresh creations.

Boston Ballet Orchestra

Photo Credit: Ernesto Galan

Go beyond the music of a live ballet performance with a growing collection of new film projects curated by Boston Ballet's Music Department. We're excited to bring you a closer look at the musicians behind Boston Ballet and invite you to explore these reimagined musical works.

Watch violinist Christine Vitale perform a solo composed by J.S. Bach while surrounded by stunning scenery. The ruins of Ashintully Gardens, located in the Berkshires, provide the perfect backdrop for this musical journey titled Anachronism. Watch to the end for additional commentary by Boston Ballet Music Director Mischa Santora.

Enjoy even more musical performances by Boston Ballet Orchestra members below.


Our artist/athletes are always pushing themselves to the edge. That passion and energy is what makes watching them so exhilarating.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director