16 months-age 7

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Ages 16-24 Months

Hand in Hand 1

Hand in Hand 1

Improve your toddler’s muscle strength, balance, and coordination in this fun class that weaves together music and movement.

Hand in Hand 2

Explore movement through activities designed to improve large motor skills and attention span in a playful, educational environment.

Creative Dance 1

Imaginative movement activities introduce your child to musical, body, and spatial awareness, while developing coordination and motor skills.

Creative Dance 2

Patterns, storytelling, and musicality are the focus as your child continues to build on the fundamentals of dance.

Pre-Ballet 1

Live music and a ballet setting, where students face the mirror and the teacher, come together to prepare your child for more formal ballet training.

Pre-Ballet 2

Your child refines ballet steps and learns new ones, while working on balance through fun games to strengthen and support muscle development.

Age 7



In this fundamental level, proper turnout of legs, pointing of feet and alignment of the body are improved and understood. These elements prepare your child for the continued study of ballet in the Classical Ballet Program.

We celebrate diversity while fostering a team spirit.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director