Introducing a distinctive platform that invites all to experience art through the movement of dance.

Video by Ernesto Galan

Dream with us. Dance with us. Move with us.

ÜNI means oneness through many, welcoming you to a personal journey of shared discovery – ünity, reünion, commünity, commünication. ÜNI is a reflection of our world – a multi-sensory, multi-cultural incubator of ideas with dance at its core.


Captured, enraptured, and served up virtually—the ÜNI web portal showcases an evolving collection of dance films curated by Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director of Boston Ballet, created with unexpected collaborations from across the globe. Each piece is charged with bold new perspectives and shared through the movement and rhythm of life.


In Person

Boston Ballet's ÜNI public art installation offers a portal to dance through new media. Step inside this one-of-a-kind structure and instantly be immersed in 360-degree dance films and expansive audio-visual artworks. Created in collaboration with MASARY Studios, ÜNI is both an intimate experience and a sculptural spectacle for the senses.



Thank you to our partners

ÜNI Design Director + Strategic Advisor
Denise Korn

Brand + Site Design

Website Development
Will Jardine

Public Art Design
MASARY Studios

ÜNI - A New Way to Experience Dance

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Great dance will take you on an emotional journey and recharge your spirit.

Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director