Subscriber Benefits

When you subscribe, there is even more in store for you to enjoy.

Tigran Mkrtchyan and Ji Young Chae by Nisian Hughes


More benefits

The best seats at the best price
Subscribers always receive priority seating before the general public and lock in the biggest savings of the season.

Unlimited exchanges
Exchange your subscriber tickets free of charge as many times as you’d like. Available for Principal, Quartet, and Trio package holders.

Free flex exchange
Once per season if you’d like to exchange tickets from one program to a different program, do it absolutely free with as little as one business days’ notice. Available for Principal, Quartet, and Trio package holders. Not available for The Nutcracker.

Subscriber standby / missed performance insurance
Subscribers who miss their scheduled performance can call or come in person to receive replacement tickets to a subsequent performance of the same production. Comparable seating is not guaranteed. Not valid for The Nutcracker and other non-subscription ticket purchases.

See any season performance again for $40
Subscribers can see a performance again for just $40 per ticket. Simply call the Box Office at 617.695.6955 to arrange your tickets. One See-It-Again ticket per subscription ticket please. Comparable seating is not guaranteed. Not valid for The Nutcracker and other non-subscription ticket purchases.

Save on additional tickets and fees
Subscribers save $5-$20 on additional ticket purchases (savings depends on your subscription package) and we’ll waive the ticket handling fees.

Ticket donation
Subscribers who can’t attend their scheduled performance can donate their tickets back to Boston Ballet for a tax-deduction receipt. Tickets must be returned at least one business day prior to the performance you cannot attend.

Personalized service
Throughout the season, our Subscriber Services representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have—just visit the Box Office or call 617.695.6955.

Save at the Boston Ballet Shop
Subscribers receive a 15% discount all season long. Show your Subscriber ID in the theater, or use the promo code on the back of your ID online at BOSTONBALLETSHOP.COM

Exclusive deals at local shops, restaurants, and more
ENJOY SPECIAL DISCOUNTS at select theatre district restaurants and cafés. Also, take advantage of a special year-round offer at the Millennium Place Garage at the Ritz-Carlton for up to 10 hours for $18. RESERVE IN ADVANCE with promotional code PARKBB.


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